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Shopping Center Architect in Houston

Attract customers to your new shopping center by depending on our firm for customized architectural design services. People go to shopping centers for a number of reasons. Some are looking for social interaction, others want to browse, while still others have a specific item in mind they want to purchase. No matter what the reason, a shopping center is always going to be more popular when people appreciate its aesthetic value.

If you are looking to hire a shopping center architect in Houston, make American Lifetime your first choice. We have an experienced mall architect that knows how to design mall shopping centers of every shape and size. Whether you need a strip mall architect to plan your entire layout or a commercial architect to guide you through the process of acquiring permits and blueprints, we have the knowledge and skills you require.

The History of Mall Architecture

Victor Gruen is the original mall architect. He believed that by creating shopping centers that resembled town plazas, with open spaces, plants, water features, and impressive architectural designs, people would be more likely to shop for longer periods of time. This in turn means more profits for the business owners.

In 1956, the Southdale Center opened in Minneapolis, Minnesota, becoming the first fully-enclosed, climate controlled mall. Victor Gruen designed this mall to have decorative lighting, fountains, and works of art placed throughout. It also had an enormous center court, which has since become an architectural staple in virtually very modern mall.

Mall Architecture in Houston, TX

The idea behind these early malls was to create communal gathering places where people can buy things, eat, and socialize in a setting that is comfortable and luxurious. These tenants are still applied to the construction of present-day malls, and our mall architect firm has mastered implementing them in our design plans. We know how to design a breathtaking mall that immediately becomes a popular gathering place for everyone in your community.

An Innovative and Accommodating Strip Mall Architect

Our strip mall architect knows how to design all kinds of retail spaces. It is important for strip malls to have a cohesive feel, something that is more difficult to accomplish in the design than with an indoor mall. We excel at creating attractive spaces that accommodate the needs of business owners while attracting customers. The layout of the strip mall also needs to be convenient for both customers and business owners to navigate.

Tell us the concepts and goals of your strip mall project and we transform them into drawings and designs that you can use for construction. We include every detail in our design plans, including the structural dimensions, public amenities, storage and trash enclosures, and the materials needed to finish the project. Our goal is to create the ideal structural design to ensure you achieve your directives.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation regarding your commercial architectural needs. We proudly serve Houston, College Station, Galveston, Katy, and Spring, Texas.