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Restaurant Architect in Houston

Building your own restaurant is a worthy goal that takes leadership, perseverance, and creativity to achieve. At American Lifetime, we know it is critical that an architect for restaurants can also utilize these traits effectively. If you need a restaurant architect in Houston, let our architecture firm guide you through the process of creating your own restaurant. We are here to lend our expertise every step of the way so you can finally create the restaurant you always wanted.

The Importance of Restaurant Architecture

Restaurants are more than a place to eat a meal. For many people, certain restaurants are the setting for some of their fondest memories. The right atmosphere in a restaurant contributes to wonderful experiences where people eat and socialize with friends and family.

Our commercial architect firm understands the dynamic relationship between a restaurant, the people who own the establishment, and the patrons who go there. Utilizing diverse skills, our restaurant design architect works closely with clients to create unique and extraordinary spaces.

Restaurant in Houston, TX

We offer complete design consultations, which include conceptual development, architectural design, interior design, lighting options, and furniture selection. Ours is a hands-on firm where ideas and dreams are brought to reality. To expedite the design process, you should include as much of the following when sending us the initial plants for your restaurant:

  • Floorplan Layout
  • Complete Menu List
  • Partitions
  • Kitchen Area
  • Bathroom Locations
  • Appliance Locations
  • Proposed Furniture Locations
  • Counters and Service Area Locations

Expert Architect for Restaurants

If you want to gain an edge in the market when you open your restaurant, you need a restaurant architect that provides creative designs and cost-affordable solutions. For more than 20 years, we have created dynamic designs and provided insightful suggestions to maximize the available space of a restaurant site. Give us the opportunity to design your restaurant, and you will reap the benefit of our experience and the unique approach we take with every project.

Complete Building Planning and Architectural Services

The philosophy of our restaurant architect is to use professional experience to the advantage of our clients while remaining creatively flexible to meet the needs of each individual client. We take this approach in every facet of our architectural services. The following design services are what you can expect to receive from our architect for restaurants:

  • Concept Consultation
  • Construction Coordination
  • City Approval
  • Engineering Assistance
  • Space Planning
  • Graphics and Signage