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New Home Architect in Houston

If you want an architect for new home construction that is both innovative and practical, choose American Lifetime to plan your custom home. Our residential architect firm has experience designing a diverse range of home layouts and styles. We have the knowledge and resources to provide flexible design options for anyone in need of a new home architect in Houston or the surrounding areas.

Full-Service Custom Home Architecture Firm

Even the smallest aesthetic feature needs to be carefully planned if it is to be a seamless part of a new home. Our custom home architect understands this, which is why we identify every aspect of a client's preference during the planning phase of building the house they desire. This means everything from the materials used for construction to the potential, unexpected problems a client may not take into consideration.

Home Interior in Houston, TX

When it comes to materials, we excel at working with what is available. We understand we have to work within the confines of a client's budget, and we believe thoughtful design is more important than expensive materials.

Of course, we are always available to provide input on what materials would be best suited for certain aspects of the home. Before you commit to a design plan, we can obtain a complete list of the materials needed and how much they will cost. This way there are no surprises when it comes to the total cost of your project.

Creative problem solving is a key attribute that every architect must possess. When a client requests new design features after the final plans have been set, it is up to the custom home architect to accommodate the client accordingly. We work with our clients every step of the way and maintain flexible design options to create a unified vision for their project.

Creating the Design for Your Custom Home

When you hire our custom home architect, you can expect us to listen to you very closely when it comes to building the design of your new home. The most successful home construction projects are the ones where the actual house embodies the personality of the owner and promotes the lifestyle they want to lead. We create a living space that is in sync with you and your family, ensuring the architectural design suits your aesthetic preferences and the overall layout offers the level of comfort you desire.

Every client has their own vision of what their dream home will look like. We make it our mission to understand that vision so that we can do our part to create the home they want. That is how we make it possible to create homes that are truly special for every client.

Contact us today to begin the planning the design for your custom home. We proudly serve Houston, Sealy, Beaumont, Spring, and Pearland, Texas.