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Commercial Architect in Houston

Whether you plan to build a small church or a strip mall with expansive commercial construction options, you can trust out architect to draw up the blueprints and take care of all the red tape. American Lifetime is the top choice for anyone in need of a commercial architect in Houston. We have overseen the completion of many large structures, so we are confident in our ability to be the ideal architect for commercial building projects of every size.

Expansive Services from a Qualified Commercial Architect

When designing a structure, our commercial architect company takes a comprehensive approach because we must consider many different aspects. In addition to creating design plans, we also determine what regulations apply to the construction of the building.

The applicable regulations are based on the jurisdiction where the structure is being erected. Our commercial architect ensures your entire construction project is in full compliance with all of the building codes. We provide detailed input before the construction begins, and we remain available to offer advice concerning building regulations throughout the construction process.

Commercial Architecture in Houston, TX

As an experienced commercial architect firm, we undertake a variety of other tasks to help with your project. During the pre-design phase, we can assist with the selection of the construction site. We also provide feasibility studies to determine if the cost and spatial needs suit your financial budget and functional requirements. Once we finish the feasibility study and environmental analysis, we explain all the information we found and submit the report for your approval.

Plan Analysis and Site Inspection Services

Send us your existing plans so we can analyze them and provide the feedback you need. We will prepare cost estimates to go along with our design suggestions, giving you clear picture of your plan will turn out and how much it will cost to complete. We also inspect the foundation of your site before the foundation is poured. An inspection may save you thousands of dollars that you would otherwise need to spend on expensive and time-consuming foundation repairs.

Personalized Service from a Professional Architect

The key to creating a successful commercial establishment lies in the details. We take the time for any commercial architect project to find out what you want. This includes everything from the layout of your establishment to any decorative designs you'd like to include with the structure. By tailoring the architectural plans to your unique business style, you will enhance the morale of your employees and improve the chance of customer interest.

Experts of Commercial Architecture

During your free consultation with our commercial architect, we discuss the type of structure you wish to build and the plans you have for it once it is complete. We can design a variety of buildings for many different purposes. Our firm has experience designing all the following structures:

Contact us today with any questions about the expansive design options available with our commercial architect firm. We proudly serve Houston, Sealy, Beaumont, Spring, and Pearland, Texas.